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A conversation with translator Annalisa Maurantonio (2010)

By Pål H. Christiansen

Annalisa Maurantonio is a freelance translator – doing it for her own sake and not on commitment. She chooses books she would like to translate or would like to see translated into Italian. That’s how she started translating my novel “Drømmer om storhet” (Sogni di Grandezza, Hic Sunt Leones Press 2010). She claims she knew some of my works before I sent her a request to be friends on Myspace some years ago, because of her university studies in Norwegian literature and her personal curiosity to go deeper into her interests in literature and music. She has studied Scandinavian literature, has been a teacher for Norwegian and also worked with an Italian publisher where she published the translation of “Poetenes Evangelium”, the anthology by Håvard Rem. (more…)