Mons og mona smaker

monsogmona_smakerMons and Mona are tasting

Daddy is doing a fish dish for dinner, and Mons and Mona are making the best fruit salad ever for dessert. Mons and Mona are tasting the fruit and the berries while preparing the salad, some of them are sweet and some sour, some have even a bitter taste! But what did daddy do with the whipped cream?

About this book series:

Pål H. Christiansen, together with Morten N. Pedersen, has designed the universe of Mons and Mona for Norwegian Fruit and Vegetable Marketing Board (OFG). So far the Mons and Mona series includes four books (also available as reading videos on youtube) and an activity book which are distributed to kindergartens and public health centres for children all over Norway.

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