Year: 2022

  • Egon Mathiesen: Pusen med de blå øynene

    Pusen med de blå øynene har blitt en klassiker og en milepæl i dansk barnelitteratur, til tross for, eller kanskje like mye på grunn av, sin naive enkelhet.

  • Bookreview: Rain Is Rain in Manglerud

    Bookreview: Rain Is Rain in Manglerud

    “Failed writer meets world famous guitarist” – A beautifully written new novel from young German writer Tessa Weitemeier, a-ha expert Barry Page concludes after reading Rain Is Rain In Manglerud. Struggling writer and perennial dreamer Hobo Highbrow is, literally, a man out of time; he possesses neither a watch nor a calendar to tell him…

  • The Waaktaar method

    The Waaktaar method

    Pål H. Christiansen had a chat with Pål Waaktaar-Savoy about Tessa Weitemeier’s novel Rain is Rain in Manglerud where Christiansen’s own character Hobo Highbrow returns and meets his hero. It’s March 2022 and Pål Waaktaar-Savoy is soon off touring with a-ha after an unvoluntary break during Covid-19. Fans from all over the world have waited…