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It’s raining in Manglerud

German writer Tessa Weitemeier (21) writes a sequel to the Norwegian a-ha cult novel “Drømmer om storhet” by Pål H. Christiansen. Now available in German bookshops.

Press release

Es regnet in Manglerud (It is raining in Manglerud) – Just like it’s raining in many songs by a-ha.”

After almost 20 years, there is now a sequel to the a-ha cult novel “Drømmer om storhet” (Die Ordnung der Worte, The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow, Sogni di grandezza) by Pål H. Christiansen published. After reading the sequel, Pål H. Christiansen gave his okay and contributed the foreword.

Despite living in a place dripping with inspiration, Hobo still hasn’t managed to make it big in the last 20 years. He lives on crispbread, watches the police station across the street and strolls the streets at night. Until an old friend suddenly appears at his door and tries to drag Hobo out of his lethargy and melancholy. Reluctantly, Hobo agrees and starts working as a music journalist.

He soon starts listening to a-ha again and finally gets the opportunity to interview guitarist Pål Waaktaar Savoy. One can only hope the encounter with his idol turns out to be better this time than in “Drømmer om storhet”.

“Es regnet in Manglerud” by Tessa Weitemeier will be available in German bookshops from 01.09.2021.

Tessa Weitemeier was born in 2000 in Göttingen i Germany. She published her first novel „Einsame Gemeinsamkeit (Oder: Der Ninja, der durchs Fenster kam)“ when she was 18 years old. Her second novel, “Liquid heartbeats” came in 2020. Weitemeier has studied journalism and is a certified screenwriter.

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