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The return of Hobo Highbrow

While Pål H. Christiansen has been busy doing other things a young German writer wrote a sequel to his novel “Drømmer om storhet”.

The title of the book is “Es regnet in Manglerud” (It rains in Manglerud) and Tessa Weitemeier (21) is the writer. It will be published in German in the beginning of September.

In 2002 the novel «Drømmer om storhet» by Pål H. Christiansen was published, and it was later published in German (Die Ordnung der Worte / 2007), English (The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow / 2008) and in Italian (Sogni di grandezza / 2010).

Christiansens novel is about a Norwegian man, Hobo Highbrow, who is convinced that he will become a famous writer. Hobo is an avowed a-ha fan and is particularly fascinated by the guitarist Pål Waaktaar Savoy, whom he then runs into by chance. The short interlude ends differently than Hobo would have liked.

– I read this book earlier this year, and immediately had an idea for a sequel. I wrote it and in consultation with Pål H. Christiansen, it will be published soon! You will soon find out what exactly my sequel is about. Just a teaser: Hobo will very likely get a second chance to meet Pål Waaktaar Savoy, says Tessa Weitemeier in her first instagram post about the project earlier this month.”

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