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Polish dreams of greatness


Iwona Lustofin has her own dreams of greatness in the world of writing. On her way to the stars she has translated Pål H. Christiansen novel Drømmer om storhet to Polish – in her spare time.

Iwona LustofinIwona (26) lives in the city of Bedzin in Poland.  At the moment she’s an intern in an accounting company. Luckily she finished the translation before that. The translation draft was mainly done from the english language version, The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow.

– Congratulations, Iwona. I’m impressed. How long time did the translation take?

– The translation took in general about 3-4 months. It’s the easy part, I guess. Translating the book that someone had already written is really easy. But writing a story is like an extremely risky trick in the circus. So those 3-4 months of just sitting and translating the story wasn’t that bad.

Hobo polsk

– Was it really that easy?

– I think I already knew some things. I knew English well.  And I believed I can focus on several things at once. Now, I think that my faith in multitasking was more like a belief that I can ride a cat. Thanks to the translation I’ve made, many things have become more clear. Now I can see precisely how much effort it takes to write a book, and how much you have to give of yourself to make it possible for the book to wrest beyond the borders of the authour’s homeland.

– What other things did you learn through the work?

– I definitely learned the consequence of writing. And to focus on one thing at a time, because creating several different stories at the same time, create only chaos in my head. The story about Hobo taught me not to delay the writing, and don’t let yourself to overdo the idea. Sometimes the work is perfect the way it is. On the other hand, I also learnt not to focus on the greatest possible success. I don’t want the Nobel Prize. I would only want to see that others appreciate me over the years by reading my works.

– So what are your plans now?

– I don’t want to daydream about what will happen next with the translation. Time will show. I’m also working on my debut book. Yes, one book at the time. Even though various ideas to my other projects appear in my head every once in a while. I just write down the brief idea and leave it for a better moment.

Read polish translation here

Translation to polish in progress


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