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Karine finished french translation

It took many years, but finally a draft for a French translation of Pål H. Christiansens novel Drømmer om storhet was finished by Karine Gorski this summer.

Karine Gorski is a communication manager living close to Paris in France.  At the moment Karine is taking care of her sweet daughter, and luckily she had a little spare time to finish the translation Valérie Siondecine started out with many years ago.

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-First of all I want to thank you for finishing the work, Karine. How come you wanted to complete the translation of Drømmer om storhet?

– I heard about this project in 2004.  At that time I was talking to the girl who started the translation. Like other fans I was waiting for the French version. A friend asked me if I would be okay to finish this project.

– Did you enjoy the work?

– First, I was afraid. My Norwegian wasn’t perfect and I wasn’t sure to be able to do it. But my friend told me that the best way was to try. Moreover, I thought it was a pity that this project wasn’t finished. So I took up the challenge.

– What do you think about the story?

– I like the fact that what happens to the hero can happen too everyone, and of course the references to Pål Waaktaars life! But It it isn’t easy to understand Hobo Highbrow all the time.

– When did you become a fan of a-ha?

– I become a fan of a-ha when I heard for the first time “Take on me” on the radio. It was in 1985! I’m very sensitive to the voice of musicians. I really like the voice of Morten. The songs are wonderful…(Thank Pal!) and the guys were cute too. After 30 years I’m still loving Morten’s voice although a-ha is finished now. But I miss the magic of the group.

– How would you like the translation to be shared with your fellow a-ha fans? Should it end up as a printed book or as an e-book to be downloaded on the web?

– Personally I would like a printed book. But more and more people use e-books. So both solutions would be perfect for me.

Find complete French translation here

Reve de Grandeur



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