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Home at last!

Fjodir im freien FallLast week I finally got out of the box I had been locked in with a stack of the German musical version of Fjodor in free fall (Fjodor im freien Fall). I was in complete darkness for far too long, until Pål finally located us at Cappelen Damm Agency, and therefore went into town to pick us up.

I think Pål was excited about knowing whether the German publisher (Terzio) had an equally good results as with volume 1, Fjodor flippt aus, which both of us liked very much. He leafed through the book, pleased, bought an ice cream for me, and then listened to the CD in the car home.

When the musicians in Bobby Berg and the Land crabs started playing “Wenn eine Stewardess vom Himmel fällt”, Pål put up the sound and smiled broadly as he speeded up on the highway. I myself concentrated on not spilling ice on the car seat. I didn’t succeed, and had constantly to rub away chocolate ice cream stains from the seat with one fin, while I clung to the ice with the other. Do not say anything to Pål!

Señorita Conchita

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