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Fjodor came home

Fjodir im freien Fall This week I finally got hold of some copies of volume two of the German musical version of my Fjodor books, Fjodor im freien Fall. I had waited a while and eventually located the books at Cappelen Damm Agency, so I drove into town to pick them up at my publisher.

I was wondering if the German publisher (Terzio) had an equally good result as with volume 1, Fjodor flippt ausThe creative use of the relatively few illustrations by Annlaug Austad from the original leseløve format, slightly abridged text (done by me) transformed to standard text blocks, and with Felix Janosa’s funny songs, had all together made an atmosphere very true to the spirit of the original Fjodor goes bananas.

When I had browsed through the new book and then listened to CD in the car on my way home, I could see that Fjodor im Freien Fall has been at least as good Fjodor flippt aus! When the musicians in Bobby Berg and the Landlubbers played up with
“Wenn eine Stewardess vom Himmel fällt”, I had to turn the volume a bit up and I smiled to myself as I drove on the highway in the afternoon sun. I listened to Ulrich Wevelsiep’s sing his way through Felix’ eight songs, and between songs Till Demtrøder read the text in outstanding fashion with clear hints of the North-German dialect. Fun!

Señorita Conchita

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