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Welcome to Fjodorblog!

Hello everybody! I am Fjodor, and welcome to my blog!

I am starting to recover now after having been repaired by Palle’s father.

When I was a little cod I always had a problem to swim correctly. Whenever I wanted to swim forward I went backwards. And when I was supposed to swim to the right, then I went to the left!

That’s when Palle’s father came to repair me and now I’m surely the best swimmer in my family! In fact I’m sure to be the best swimmer among all the cods in the Atlantic Ocean, actually. In a year or two I will even beat Halvor the shark and get away from him when he is hungry and wants a cod for breakfast.

No wonder time is due to start a blog and tell you more about my life! I have been all over the world recently with my new finns and my friend Palle.

So this is where you can read about my adventures, the Fjodor books and send me questions or drawings. We will have competitions with prizes and lots of fun.

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