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English edition of the novel "Drømmer om storhet"
by Norwegian writer Pål H. Christiansen

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Annette Schwindt, schwindt-pr
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Free eBook "Hobo's Guide to Oslo" by Pål H. Christiansen and Annette Schwindt published

French and Italian translation drafts of the novel to be posted on the new fanblog of Pål H. Christiansen

Hobo Highbrow on Twitter

To celebrate the launch of the new a-ha album Forlaget Fabula now offers the English language edition of "The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow" at the reduced price of only 149,- NOK, freight included worldwide!

Fans spotting Hobo outside of Norway...

Hobo's thoughts on the new a-ha album:
"Head in the mountains, feet in the bathtub"

A first sketch of Hobo's guide to Oslo will be included in the June edition of "Headlines and Deadlines" a-ha fanclub magazine!

"Bloody good" review in "The Boston Phoenix".
Read the review

Interview with Paul Waaktaar-Savoy

The real Paul Waaktaar-Savoy enjoyed the read of this "funny and charming" book just as much and showed his solidarity with Hobo saying "I am like that" when it comes to be obsessed about somoene.

Interview as PDF-Download (105KB)

Where does passion end and obsession start?

This is the main question of "The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow", novel by Norwegian author Pål H.Christiansen. The book tells the story of desperate writer Hobo Highbrow who loses his job, almost loses his girlfriend but most definitely loses grip on reality. The only fix point in his life is the music of the band a-ha and particularly his admiration for Paul Waaktaar-Savoy.

People from 20 countries have bought their copy ever since the book has been published in October 2008. It is actually the second translation of the Norwegian original "Drømmer om storhet" that got much attention when released in 2002. A German version entitled "Die Ordnung der Worte" had been published in 2007, receiving rave reviews just like the original.

Foreign publishers interested in publishing another translation are welcome.
Test translations  delicious

This book is available through the author's own publishing company Forlaget Fabula or through the resp. book page of this website.

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