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"Fjodor is my favourite character"

Interview with Felix Janosa, the composer of the songs coming with the German Fjodor edition. How he finds his inspirations, what he liked best about working on Fjodor and which is his favourite song. Read the interview

(May 7, 2011)

Fjodor flippt aus

Fjodor has landed in Germany

Fjodor går bananas is published in Germany as a combined print- and CD-version with music. Publisher is TERZIO and Felix Janosa, the succesfull composer of the German Ritter Rost series, has made music and lyrics, and the result is splendid. The Ritter Rost series has sold more that one million copies in Germany and Fjodor is also aiming high! Read more...

(April 6, 2011)


The lunch box is served

A new first reader by Pål H. Christiansen and Tiril Valeur (illustrations) is on the shelves of Norwegian bookstores. In "The Lunch box" (Matboksen) Mie and her family are extremely busy one morning. Read more...

(April 3, 2011)

Fjodor on ice is here!

Pål H. Christiansen's fifth book about the naughty cod Fjodor is on the shelves of Norwegian bookstores.

(February 15, 2011)

Fjodorfan at Andøya

Tobias Kiil Olsen (9) loves to read about the naughty cod Fjodor in Pål H. Christiansens Fjodor går bananas. He loves fish and fishing, too, and has read the book five times! writes newspaper Andøyposten. Read more...

(December 13, 2010)

Hic Sunt Leone

Behind the translation of Pål H.Christiansen's novel Drømmer om storhet in Italian (Sogni di Grandezza) stands Annalisa Maurantonio, a real enthusiast on behalf of Norwegian literature in Italy. Pål has interviewed Annalisa about her relation to Norwegian language and literature and her efforts to get works by Norwegian authors published in her home country.

(December 11, 2010)

New Fjodor-story in February

The fifth children's book about the naughty cod Fjodor and his friend Palle will be published by Cappelen Damm in February 2011. This time Palle is in town and spots a well known character in the the fish display in the supermarket. It shouldn't come as a surprise that this day turns out to be a very special one for Palle!

(November 13, 2010)

St. Paul goes to Italy!

The complete Italian translation of Pål H. Christiansen's novel "Drømmer om storhet" is now available, thanks to translator Annalisa Maurantonio. "Drømmer om storhet" was published in Norwegian in 2002, in German in 2007 (Die Ordnung der Worte) and in English in 2008 (The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow). The Italian edition is available both as print and pdf download at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/Hic_Sunt_Leones_Press

(November 11, 2010)

"Morten meets mum" on the shelves

Pål H. Christiansen's new children's book "Morten møter mamma" (Cappelen Damm), illustrated by Tiril Valeur, is now available in Norwegian bookstores and through webstores: Morten is looking forward to this day. It's his birthday! Mama picks him up at school, and now it's only the two of them together. But then mamas mobile is ringing... "Morten møter mamma" is an easy book to read for the very first readers from 4-7 years old. Also perfect for all of you out there trying to learn some Norwegian.

(September 20, 2010)

German Test translation of Humle&Honning

Pål H. Christiansen's poetic love story Humle & Honning from 2001 has its own group of fans i Norway, but until now a short bit of english translation has been the only available for readers in other countries. Now a little part in German is also available through Christine v. Bülow's test translation. You can read it here. - English test translation here

(July 21, 2010)

Fjodor is travelling to Germany

Fjodor will appear in a first readers and song book in Germany in 2011! TERZIO has bought the rights for the first book in the Fjodor series, "Fjodor goes bananas". There are four books about Fjodor and his adventures. Felix Janosa, a very successful composer of the German Ritter Rost series, will do the music and lyrics. The Ritter Rost series has sold more that one million copies in Germany. The Fjodor books are written by Pål H. Christiansen and the Norwegian editions are illustrated by Annlaug Auestad.

(June 25, 2010)

Visit Pål's newsroom

Pål H. Christiansen has a new main newsroom on netvibes now. There you can find all updates from facebook, blog, flickR or twitter on one page.

(June 3, 2010)

New books in pipeline!

Pål H. Christiansen will publish two books for children in the year to come. One is a short and illustrated story in Cappelen Damm's new series for the very first readers that will be published autumn 2010. In spring 2011 a new Fjodor book will follow. This will be the fifth in the series about the unruly cod and his friend Palle.

(April 9, 2010)

Christmas present for all Hobo fans!

Finally! "Hobo's Guide to Oslo" can now be downloaded for free from Pål H. Christiansen's website. This e-book presents many of the places in Oslo where Hobo Highbrow appears in Christiansen's novel "The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow". Photographs, quotes from the novel, maps and other information make this an alternative guide to Oslo for all those who would like to go in the footprints of Hobo. The book is made by Christiansen in collaboration with Annette Schwindt and can be downloaded here. (pdf, 1.8MB)

Ha en riktig god jul!

(December 18, 2009)

Facebook Humle og Honning

"Humle & Honning" on Facebook

The novel "Humle & Honning" by Pål H. Christiansen has its own Norwegian group on Facebook now.

(December 11, 2009)

Hobo Highbrow has arrived in Australia


Fishpond.com.au, the biggest Australian bookstore online is now selling "The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow" too! See www.fishpond.com.au

(October 13, 2009)

"Drømmer om storhet" in Italien and French

Thanks to Pål H. Christiansen's fans Annalisa and Valérie we can now present an Italian and a French fan translation of "Drømmer om storhet". The translations are published bit by bit on Pål's fanblog together with other fan contributions (like the worldwide Hobospotting).

Go to Italian translation
Go to French translation

(September 16, 2009)

phc fanblog

Pål's fanblog goes online!

With all the fan contributions coming in Pål H. christiansen has decided it's time for a fanblog. There he will collect and present your translations, photos and videos about Hobo highbrow, Fjodor and all his other books. Send your contributions to webmaster@phc.no and we'll publish them on the blog too.

You can also rate and comment the blogposts, discuss translations and be updated automatically about new articles posted there (RSS for feedreader or email!).

Check out the fanblog

(August 31, 2009)

A hello from Fjodor in Greece

Fjodor and the rest of the Fjodorfilm cast have joined Knut Jorfald for rehearsals in Samos!


(July 28, 2009)

The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow

Spotted Hobo Highbrow anywhere?

Crista and Denise spotted Hobo following Paul Waaktaar-Savoy in the USA the other day!
Read Crista's report and Denise's report!

All Hobospottings can be seen on Pål's FlickR!

(July 10, 2009)

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