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Welcome to Fjodor's blog!

Fjodor is travelling to Germany

Fjodor will appear in a first readers and song book in Germany in 2011! TERZIO has bought the rights for the first book in the Fjodor series, "Fjodor goes bananas". There are four books about Fjodor and his adventures. Felix Janosa, a very successful composer of the German Ritter Rost series, will do the music and lyrics. The Ritter Rost series has sold more that one million copies in Germany. The Fjodor books are written by Pål H. Christiansen and the Norwegian editions are illustrated by Annlaug Auestad.

(June 25, 2010)

Fjodor goes to the puppet theatre in Germany

The much appraised childrens book "Fjodor goes bananas" will enter det stage in May 2011. The book will be adapted for puppets by Sven Stäcker at the Schleswig Holsteinisches LandesTheater with the title "Fjodor flippt aus". Translation by Christine v. Bülow.

(May 20, 2010)

Fjodor at the Zoo

Norways largest Zoo, Kristiansand Dyrepark, will in cooperation with Cappelen Damm give away a Leseløve book to visitors at their Leselystfestival 4-6. June. The Leseløve will be Pål H. Christiansen's "Fjodor i fritt fall"! This is great news, but I won't swim down there myself. What if they try to make me stay in the Zoo? Never

(May 13, 2010)

New book in pipeline!

I'm happy to tell that Pål H. Christiansen is writing a new book about me that will be published in spring 2011. This book will tell the story about what happened when I got caught by some fishermen last year! Neither Pål nor I can say more at the moment. Stay tuned!

(April 9, 2010)

Hello everybody!

I just got the message that Cappelen Damm will do a new printrun of "Fjodor i fritt fall" with a brand new Leseløvedesign in April this year. The book will be included in a campaign in Norwegian bookstores in May, together with the launch of the new design of the series. What good news!

(February 15, 2010)

"Fjodor at school" and Tanum bookstores

Fjodor på skolen was in the paper the other day! In an advertisement by the book chain Tanum in the Oslo area, they showed what to buy at Tanum before school started. When I swam by Tanum at Karl Johan, the nice lady in the childrens department told me that many customers already had bought the book about me going to school.

(August 26, 2009)

Between scenes at Samos

Film director Knut Jorfald of the future Fjodorfilms went to Samos in Greece for a couple of weeks in July. But just like Palles father Knut gets restless lying on the beach. So after a couple of days he had gathered the whole film crew for some rehearsals down there. Here you see us all relaxing in the water between scenes.

Knut and the cast relaxing by the sea

(July 28, 2009)

Great review!

Guess what? A reviewer in a newspaper liked Pål H. Christiansen's fourth book about me and Palle, "Fjodor på skolen", very much. "The children in primary school will surely find it incredibly funny when Christiansen describes the nonsense, tricks and chaos following the new boy's (Fjodor's) appearance," he says about the book.

Read the complete review (in Norwegian)

(May 14, 2009)

Fjodor goes to Hollywood?

Fjodor wants to be a film star! Here you can watch a short test of what might become a series of cartoons with Fjodor, if everything goes the right way.

(May 7, 2009)

Fjodor readings in German (part 3)

This is the last of three German reading videos. If you have one for me too, contact me! You can watch all videos on Pål's YouTube channel too.

(March 24, 2009)

Fjodor readings in German (part 2)

This is the second of three German reading videos (the last one is going online here soon). You can also watch all videos on Pål's YouTube channel.

(March 21, 2009)

Fjodor readings in German (part 1)

Hello, everybody! Guess where I went swimming last weekend? Not to Hiva Oa, but up the Rhine river to the city Bonn in Germany. There I recorded this great reading video. Time to learn some German?

This is the first of three German reading videos (the other two coming soon). You can see all videos on Pål's YouTube channel too.

(March 19, 2009)

Fjodor readings (part 3)

Here's the third reading video from "Fjodor går bananas"! If you have recorded a video for me too then contact me!

This was the last English video we have so far. Up next are three videos of chapter 4-6 in German. You can also watch them on Pål's YouTube channel.

(March 17, 2009)

"Fjodor på skolen" is here!

Fjodor på skolen

The fourth book about me and Palle is now on the shelves of Norwegian bookstores and can also be ordered here.

The book tells the story about my first day at school. How do you think that has been like? You have to read the book to find out! But here is a little taste:

(March 16, 2009)

Fjodor readings (part 2)

Here's the second reading video from "Fjodor går bananas"! If you have recorded a video for me too then contact me!

There are more videos to come so stay tuned! The videos will also be shown on
Pål's YouTube channel.

(March 12, 2009)

Fjodor readings (part 1)

Two of my biggest fans, Katherine from England and Annette (my private secretary) from Germany, have recorded a few videos for me! They have been reading from the English and German test translations of my first book. I really wonder why my books haven't been published in other languages yet...?

I've decided to collect fanvideos now. So if you have one too, contact me!

The videos will be published here one by one over the coming days. You can also watch them on Pål's YouTube channel.

(March 10, 2009)

Fjodor på skolen

Finally the fourth book about me and Palle is finished. It tells the story about my first day at school. How do you think that has been like? You have to read the book to find out! It will be in Norwegian bookstores from March on.

Fjodor på skolen

(February 4, 2009)

Illustrations for my new book

Fjodor at school

"Fjodor går til skolen", the fourth book about me and my friend Palle, is according to Pål approaching the "putting together text and illustrations"-phase. The illustrations are made by Annlaug Auestad again who already worked with Pål for the first three Fjodorbooks.

Annlaug lives in Stavanger and I must swim over there twice a week these days to be in her studio while she makes sketches. It's awfully boring, but the icecream in Stavanger is almost as good as in Italy or Hiva Oa, so I'll take the trip whenever she wants me to.

(December 12, 2008)


Book Fair without the real me!

Just when I've left for for warmer waters, that irritating shark Halvor brings me the news that Pål H. Christiansen has visited the Oslo Book Fair to read from "Fjodor goes bananas". Without ME! Thats not fair. I mean, It was a fair, but I would have liked to go there and meet Kurt the truckman from Erlend Loes children's books. Kurt could have tought me how to drive a truck really fast. Grrr.

Pål H. Christiansen at the Oslo Book Fair

(November 25, 2008)


The winter

The winter is approaching and soon visiting Palle will be no use. A thick layer of ice will cover the sea outside Palles house, and the only thing I can do is to swim down there and watch the children play on top of it. No, I'd better go somewhere warm and comfortable during wintertime, like Hiva Oa, where I can eat some icecream and watch the badmintonplayers on the beach. When spring comes and the ice starts cracking I can take a trip to Palle's place again and see how the winter has treated him. See you then, Palle!

(October 28, 2008)


New Fjodor book!

Hello out there! Listen: There are some rumours around here that Pål H. Christiansen is about to finish his fourth book about me and my friend Palle. The title is supposed to be "Fjodor at School".

I really think it's due time that Pål starts thinking more about me, and not only this Hobo, the main character in his novel "The Scoundrel Days of Hobo Highbrow".

"Fjodor at school" will be published by Cappelen Damm in March 2009 and illustrated by Annlaug Auestad as the three first ones.

Cheers, Fjodor

(October 15, 2008)


Fjodor quiz winners!

Answers from several countries came in the Fjodor quiz, and nine of the participants deserve their own Fjodor book. Those nine are:

Sabine Anfray, France
Alexandra Römer, Germany
Barbara Teske, Germany
Maike Pohlmann, Germany
Sandro Roberto Santana Santos, Brazil
Helga Köller, Germany
Mona Kristiansen, Norway
Sofia Marques, Portugal
Britt Giverholt, Norway

(September 18, 2008)

Win your own Fjodor-book!

Find the answers to the questions below and send them to fjodor a t phc. no. You can be the lucky winner of a Fjodor book in Norwegian! To those of you who are not able to read Norwegian yet Fjodor says: Get started! Reading my books is the best and only way to learn Norwegian! Twelve books are to be given away this time. Your answers must be sent until September 15, 2008 latest.

1. What is the job of Palle's mother?

2. What is the title of Fjodor's third book?

3. What is the name of the shark?

(August 21, 2008)


What Daddy thinks about Fjodor

Fjodor is basically a good fish, even though he makes some fuzz now and then. Some fish are more vivid than others and say strange things to get some extra attention. And then things may go terribly wrong! Fjodor is such a fish. But most of the time things end up well. I like to see the best as well in fish as in human beings, and I enjoy helping all of them as much as I can.

(August 8,2008)


Hello everybody!

Finally back from vacation. I have been swimming in 999 of Finlands 1000 lakes, I think. That was really great, but the sauna was terrible! I had endend up as a boiled cod on the dinner table of some local people if I hadn' got my tail out of there in time!

After Finland I visited my family for a couple of days and played cards with them. My father didn't like me cheating so I went to Italy to eat some very good icecream.

The last week I went to look for Palle and his family at Hiva Oa, but they where gone or hiding or something...

Did you have a nice vacation? Please tell me about it!


(August 1,2008)

Fjodor on Hiva Oa

Vacation time is here

and I will be away from the computer for some weeks. I'm going to spend some time on Hiva Oa playing badminton with Palle and try to steal some sausages from Pappas barbeque on the beach. I'll be back on 1. August and hope for lots of questions and drawings when I return to Palle's PC!

Greetings from Fjodor!

(June 24,2008)


Hiva Oa for European Champion!

When I was younger I hated football! All my younger sisters and brothers loved playing underwaterfootball, but at that time I was hopeless because of my finns. How can a fish play fotball looking in the wrong direction and swimming backwards? But after Palles father repaired me I have tried, and it's real fun! Now I'm watching the European Championship on the television together with my family every day. I want Hiva Oa to win, but my father keeps telling me that Hiva Oa isn't participating, and that Hiva Oa by the way isn't in Europe at all. My father is SO irritating sometimes!

(June 20, 2008)


What Mommy thinks about Fjodor

"Do I know Fjodor? I do! I can smell that fish a mile away. He is so irritating sometimes that the only thing to do is to kick him out of the house or the plane or wherever we are. But Palle seems to have a friend in Fjodor, and Fjodor has obviously gone through some hard times in his life, so I won't chase him away if he turns up again. But after a while I probably will!"

(June 18, 2008)


The recent year I have been touring through Norwegian primary schools with Pål H. Christiansen and I must say it was no fun at all because I had to stay in the bag all day and listen to the nonsense he told the children about me. Like "Fjodor is a naughty fish" and things like that. And I always got less food than him for lunch. Bah! I prefer Palle’s father. He always lets me out of the bag!

(June 16, 2008)

Ask Fjodor

Knut, (6 x 10 years old from Norway) asks:
Great that you've got your own blog now!! Do you have your own Fjodor song, like the one about the little Lofot cod from Henningsvær? I hope you have great time and that you make lots of trouble for Palle!

Fjodor's answer: No, I haven't got my own song yet. But until then I use the song "We're looking for the whales" by the Norwegian group a-ha.

(June 13, 2008)

Drawings of Fjodor!

Have you seen the drawings that children have made of me? I really love such pictures! I wish I had much more of them! Can't you make one for me too and send it by e-mail? Here you can find my address!

Daddy and Palle are reparing Fjodor in the workshop  Palle, Daddy and Fjodor with his family see Halvor eat a fish Fjodor

See all the pictures here!

(June 12, 2008)

Ask Fjodor

Mone (11 years old from Norway) asks:
Why are you always making so much fuzz? Will you buy me one of those ice creams you recommended?

Fjodor's answer: Do you think I'm always making fuzz? What about when I rescued that ship over in the Caribbean? I would love to buy you one of those ice creams, but I'm afraid it would melt away on my way from Hiva Oa to Norway.

(June 10, 2008)

Ask Fjodor

Beth (from the USA) asks:
How can Palle's father make the tape stick to your wet fish skin?

Fjodor's answer:Oh, that's no problem at all! First he rubs me gently with a soft towel, and then he opens the window for a couple of minutes to let the ocean wind blow me dry.

(June 10, 2008)

Hello everybody! I am Fjodor, and welcome to my blog!

I am starting to recover now after having been repaired by Palle's father.

When I was a little cod I always had a problem to swim correctly. Whenever I wanted to swim forward I went backwards. And when I was supposed to swim to the right, then I went to the left!

That's when Palle's father came to repair me and now I'm surely the best swimmer in my family! In fact I'm sure to be the best swimmer among all the cods in the Atlantic Ocean, actually. In a year or two I will even beat Halvor the shark and get away from him when he is hungry and wants a cod for breakfast.

No wonder time is due to start a blog and tell you more about my life! I have been all over the world recently with my new finns and my friend Palle.

So this is where you can read about my adventures, the Fjodor books and send me questions or drawings. We will have competitions with prizes and lots of fun.

(June 9, 2008)

Ask Fjodor

Vita (8.5 years old from Norway) asks:
How can Palle's father repair you with a hammer and nails?

Fjodor's answer: That's the way fish and other things are repaired, isn't it? Palles father is very good. It doesn't hurt at all!

(June 9, 2008)

Ask Fjodor

Marius (8 years old from Norway) asks:
Why are you so stubborn, Fjodor?

Fjodor's answer: Me stubborn? I always try to behave, just like Mama and Papa Cod tought me when I was a tiny little fish.

(June 9,2008)

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